We are the only distributor of the Czarcie Kopyto drum pedal.

Czarcie Kopyto is a custom-made product.

Delivery includes

  • pedals
  • case
  • Czarcie Kopyto lanyard with a steel heat-treated and chrome-plated tuning key
  • Czarcie Kopyto T-shirt
  • 3 allen wrenches
  • wrench to exchange plastic beater heads
  • 2 spare springs
  • self adhesive Velcro
  • Certificate


We accept payments only in EUR or USD via international bank transfer (e-transfer for example). Payments should be made a couple of days before the shipment after you have received payment details from us – we do not take any prepayments. A prepayment is required only if you want an individual engraving on the footboards. If you want to know the actual price of the pedals please send us inquiry via email on :

Individual orders

You can order a custom engraving on the footboards. It is produced based on a vector file format: .dxf, .dwg, .cdr (CorelDraw) or .psd (Photoshop). The price is set individually and it depends on how complicated your project is and what type of file is provided. .dxf and .dwg formats are less time-consuming, that is why the price is usually lower if you provide these types of file. We can also make an engraving based on a photo or a drawing etc. but in this case the price will be respectively higher. A minimum price of an individual engraving is 50 EUR. An .jpg file is sufficient to estimate the price but you need to let us know if eventually a vector file will be provided. A minimum photo resolution is 1024×768. A pedal without any engraving on the footboards is also a custom version and it costs 50 EUR extra.

Delivery time, shipment method and return policy

At the moment, an estimated production time is 2 months. We normally use the services of EMS postal service – if you send us the delivery address we will calculate the cost of shipment. Please be aware that the price of shipment does not include any additional charges that may occur in transit for example: taxes in the destination country, customs charges, etc. These charges are paid by the buyer. Also, if you don’t pick up the parcel you have to pay the cost of return shipping. Czarcie Kopyto pedal is custom made and we do not accept any returns.

How to place an order

If you accept these conditions and want to order the pedals, you should fill in the purchase order form which you can download from here. You will receive an order confirmation.

If you have any questions, contact us at: