This unique Light Beaters differs from the previous version mainly in weight and easier handling.
1. Easy Adjustment Of The Beater Head Angle
The tilt adjustment screw of the beater head is placed at the top of the body making it is easy to adjust from above whilst seated.
2. Compact Beater Head Design
The 100% new, patented design of the adjustable head, combined with the compact structure of the rear of the body allows the beater to be set at a greater angle without it hitting the drummers foot. The distance between the rear of the beater body and the beater rod is only 6.5mm!
3. Weight 88 grams
Despite the relatively low weight, beater still has a strong hit thanks to the proper position of the center of gravity.
4. „Memory Lock”
Exclusively for users of Czarcie Kopyto® bass drum pedals we offer a special "memory lock", which ensures the beater is correctly installed at the proper depth and angle in the beater holder every time.
5. Beater Faces
The beater faces, made of durable plastic, are available as flat or convex. They are installed with the Czarcie Kopyto wrench supplied as standard with all models.
6. Colour versions
The beaters, the same as the "memory lock", are available in five basic colors: black, blue, green, yellow and red. Blue, green, and yellow colors will be available until earliest at beginning of May 2021.
Technical data
  • Compatibility with all drum pedals on the market
  • The weight of a single beater about 88 grams
  • 100% CNC machined
  • No castings
  • Only certified and high-quality materials
  • Hardened and precision ground rod with a standard diameter
  • Anodized aluminum body, milled from solid stock material
  • Hardened steel adjusting screw with anti-corrosive finish
  • Threaded threads - much greater strength than in cut threads
  • Thread in the beater's body equipped with a hardened threaded insert
  • Beaters are available in five basic colors: black, blue, green, yellow and red
  • Available flat and convex plastic beater's faces
  • 100% of beaters subjected to strict quality control
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