A unique construction verified by drummers allows each of you find your own best settings and guarantees smooth and trouble-free operation for a long time.
1. Multi-optional Precision Settings
An engraved scale enables fast and easy adjustment of the beater angle, spring tension, footboard angle and height. It also makes it simple to return to previous settings.
2. Unique Beater Bearings Solution
Both bearings hubs equipped with high speed ball bearings are mounted on a single precision ground hardened axis to provide unprecedented rigidity, stability, smooth action and offer long term operation.
3. New Lightweight Adjustable Beater
The new, patented beater design weighs only 88 grams and its compact structure allows it to be adjusted to a greater angle without the risk of it hitting the drummers foot.
4. Memory Lock
The ‘memory lock’ ensures the beater is correctly installed at the proper depth and angle in the beater holder every time.
5. Beater holder
We use two bolts to clamp the beater instead of a single one, and the threaded holes are equipped with special hardened thread inserts. As a result, the threads are much more durable and reliable, and the beater may be mounted properly with less force.
6. Symmetrically Spaced Beaters
The double pedal’s symmetrical axis means both beaters are the same distance from the drum at all times and achieve the same sound. (Red Line = bass drum symmetry axis).
7. Patented Spring Tension System
The patented spring tension system is simple and easy to use. Its self-locking feature allows the spring tension to be set with surgical precision and does not require any additional tools.
8. Footboard Heel Bearing System
Each Footboard works on a double set of ball bearings to guarantee high lateral rigidity and smooth failure-free operation. The platforms are milled from a solid aluminium stock with special pockets on the underside to reduce weight.
9. Direct Drive
The high speed ball bearings, secured with special retaining rings, guarantee smooth transmission and long term trouble free operation of the direct drive system. The direct drive system also features three position length adjustment.
10. Variable Drum Pedal Action
The four point adjustment scale between the beater and the platform movement action allows drummers to change the characteristics of the drum pedal action.
11. Connecting Shaft
The movement of the beater from the slave pedal is accurately transmitted, without delay, to the main pedal through the solidly constructed drive shaft equipped with eight bearings. This design offers high rigidity, flawless smooth action with no backlash on the joints.
12. Bass Drum Clamp
The clamp arm and profiled central base are designed so that pedals can be easily mounted to bass drums with either steel or wood hoops in a wide range of thicknesses (range up to 22mm). It also makes it easy to alter the pedal distance from the bass drum.
13. Easy Conversion to Single Pedal
It takes seconds to replace left beater and disassemble the connecting shaft to create two independent single pedals.
14. New engravings of the SUPREME model!
Special engravings has been prepared not only on the footboards but also on the caps. The main engraving in combination with the red color of the footboard In our opinion looks phenomenal - how do you like it?
15. Complete Delivery
Our Czarcie Kopyto® pedals are the highest possible class of musical instruments, each pedal has its own serial number and the buyer receives a certificate of authenticity containing the name of the owner and serial numbers of drum pedals. The following elements are included in the delivery: • Czarcie Kopyto® drum pedal • professional hard-case with Czarcie Kopyto logo engraved on the cover • Czarcie Kopyto® T-shirt • Czarcie Kopyto® baseball cap • Czarcie Kopyto® brand lanyard with a steel, hardened and chrome-plated tuning key and an attached brand bottle opener. • Allen wrench set to operate the pedal - 3 pieces. • Wrench for replacing changeable beater plastic pads • A set of two additional convex beater plastic pads (flat beater plastic pads are installed in the beater by us as a factory standard) • Spare springs - 2 pieces • Self-adhesive Velcro set ( High strength and clamping force) • Certificate confirming the purchase of the original Czarcie Kopyto® drum pedal All of this is included in the price of the pedals!!!
weight of set (ca.) 12.5 [ kg ]
weight of set with case (ca.) 13.2 [ kg ]
weight of whole package (ca.) 13.5 [ kg ]
transport dimensions (l. x w. x ht) 45x43x25 [ cm ]
pdfOpis techniczny z instrukcją obsługi [ PL ]

pdfTechnical description and instruction manual [ ENG ]
Technical data
  • 100% CNC machined
  • No castings
  • Only certified and high-quality materials
  • High call ball bearings of renowned producer instead of cheap bearings instead of cheap replacements commonly used in other drum pedals on the market
  • All cooperating steel parts are heat-treated , e.g. screws
  • Cold-formed threads – much stronger and durable than traditional threads made by cutting operations. Increased wear and tear resistance
  • Often used threads are equipped with a special hardened threaded inserts ( beater holder, connection shaft joints, spring tensioner, beater's head)
  • All aluminum parts are anodized
  • Steel parts are corrosion protected or produced from stainless steel
  • All parts performing rotary motion are equipped in high class bearings
  • Connecting shaft is equipped in 8 pcs. of bearings
  • Drum pedals assembled manually
  • 100% pedals are thoroughly quality tested before dispatching to customer