A unique construction allows each drummer to find their own best settings and guarantees smooth and trouble-free operations for a long time
1. Precision, easy and multi-optional tuning
A scale facilitates fast and easy adjustment of beater angle, footboard angle and height, string tension, if needed you can quickly return to previous settings
2. A unique solution of beaters bearings put on one grinded and heat-treated axle
Ensures unprecedented rigidity, stability and fluidity of movement of both beaters
3. Symmetric spacing of beaters against the bass drum axis
Each of the beaters is located at the same distance from the drum axis which allows to set identical sound on both of them (red line – bass drum axis)
4. Patented spring tension system
Easy-to-use and self blocking system which does not require any other tools to be used and allows to set the tension of the spring with utmost accuracy
5. Footboards bearings
Footboards are based on bearings which ensures their stability and smooth and fluent operations, they are milled out of one block of aluminum and they are hollow underneath in order to reduce their weight
6. Direct drive
Direct drive with a three-fold adjustment of length, equipped with two strong high-speed bearings to make drive transmission smooth and fluent
7. Change of pedal action
A four-point adjustment of the beater's movement against the pedal's movement makes it possible to easily change the features of your pedal's operations
8. Connecting shaft
Works very smoothly, there are absolutely no clearances on hinges so the movement of the beater is precisely mapped without any lags
9. Adjustable distance from the bass drum
The design of the pedal facilitates a smooth adjustment of the distance between the pedal and the bass drum
10. Easy split of the double pedal into two single pedals
All you have to do is unscrew the left beater from the main pedal and put it on the slave pedal and then remove the connecting shaft. If you want the beater of the main footboard to hit the bass drum precisely in the middle, you also need to adjust the set up of the clamping device and the base.
11. Complete delivery
Our drum pedals are high-quality musical instruments, every item has its own serial number and every purchaser is provided with a certificate of authenticity. The pedal is delivered in a professional case including also a Czarcie Kopyto lanyard with a steel heat-treated and chrome-plated tuning key, a Czarcie Kopyto T-shirt, allen wrenches, a wrench used to exchange plastic beater heads, spare springs and self-adhesive Velcro, all included in the price.
weight of set (ca.) 12.5 [ kg ]
weight of set with case (ca.) 13.2 [ kg ]
weight of whole package (ca.) 13.5 [ kg ]
transport dimensions (l. x w. x ht) 45x43x25 [ cm ]
pdfOpis techniczny z instrukcją obsługi [ PL ]

pdfTechnical description and instruction manual [ ENG ]
Technical data
  • 100% CNC machined
  • No castings
  • Only certified and high-quality types of aluminum and steel
  • All cooperating steel parts are heat-treated , e.g. screws
  • Cold-formed threads – much stronger threads than traditionally cut thread. Increased pull- and wear-resistance
  • All aluminum parts are anodized
  • Steel parts are corrosion protected or produced from stainless steel
  • All parts performing rotary motion are equipped in bearings
  • Connecting shaft is equipped in bearings
  • Drum pedals assembled only manually
  • 100% pedals are thoroughly quality tested before dispatch to customer